Omni - Sweet Pumpkin Bites


  • 1.25 lbs pumpkin
  • 1 cup sugar
  • cups ¼Shredded Coconut or Chopped Walnut for garnish
  • Layout pumpkins tightly in an at least 2-inch-deep baking pan.
  • Pour sugar to cover the top of the pumpkins as evenly as possible.
  • Let it sit for 1 hour for pumpkins to release water.
  • Select Bake. Set the temperature to 360F and time 30 minutes. Press Start.
  • When the oven is hot, insert baking pan into the oven.
  • After 15 minutes cooking, carefully, turn pumpkins for even cooking.
  • Cooking time may change depending on the type of the pumpkin and size of the bites. Adjust timing until pumpkins are soft and shiny.
  • Let the bites cool down in its own juice. Serve cold
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