Barbecue Wings


  • 22 chicken wings
  • ½ cup of panca chili
  • 2 tbsp vinegar
  • ¼ tsp ground oregano
  • ¼ tsp cumin
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • ½ tsp garlic powder or minced
  • Salt to
  • French fries
  • In a bowl, place the wings together with the panca chili, vinegar and spices. Marinate in the refrigerator for 1 Hour.
  • Preheat the Instant Vortex, press Roast, then set time to 10 Minutes and temperature to 365°F (185°C). Press Start.
  • Place the wings in the Instant Vortex. Then, on the Instant Vortex control panel, press Roast, set the time to 20 Minutes (10 Minutes on one side and then flip) and the temperature to 355˚F (180˚C). Press Start.
  • Remove carefully and serve with French fries.
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