• 2 lbs unsalted butter
  • Put instant pot on sauté mode 'less'. Make sure the butter is at room temperature.
  • Put the butter in the pot and let the butter sticks melt completely.
  • Now put the instant pot to sauté mode 'normal'. The pots temperature will increase and butter will start cooking.
  • A lot of froth will come in the beginning when butter starts cooking, keep stirring occasionally.
  • Next few minutes the froth starts to reduce slowly. After few minutes the froth will be gone and white milk solids will float on top (this means that the butter is starting to get clear).
  • Keep cooking and stir occasionally, you will see that butter will get clear (yellowish golden color) and white particles get to the bottom and sides.
  • If you are looking for golden color ghee, then at this point you can turn off the instant pot. Take out the stainless steel insert and let cool. The residual heat will further cook the ghee and the milk solids get dark golden color.
  • Once cooled, strain and store in a glass jar. (strainer, cheese cloth or coffee filters can be used).But I want caramel color to the Ghee(aka Brown butter ghee), so I will cook more time on saute mode 'less'.
  • Once the caramel color is achieved I turn off the heat and remove the stainless steel insert from the base to prevent further cooking. Store in a glass jar and cool completely overnight to get grainy solid texture.
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