Perfect in-the-Shell Sous Vide Eggs


  • water
  • 1-6 eggs
  • Set a heat-safe trivet inside a Max Instant Pot. Fill the insert two-thirds or to the Max Fill line with water.
  • Set the machine to its SOUS VIDE function. Set the timer for 2 hours. Set the temperature based on the following criteria:
  • 145°F for soft-boiled eggs with barely set whites and loose, runny yolks
  • 150°F for soft-boiled eggs with whites that hold their shape and yolks that are soft at their centers
  • 155°F for soft-boiled eggs with definitely set whites and yolks with a jammy, caramel-like consistency, such as the eggs often placed in Ramen Broth
  • 160°F for hard-cooked eggs with firm whites and still-moist yolks
  • 165°F for hard-cooked eggs with firm whites and drier yolks, better for chopping in egg salad
  • Lock the lid onto the pot. Press the START button.
  • When the machine reaches the appropriate temperature, uncover the pot and lower the eggs onto the trivet. (A slotted spoon works best.) Latch the lid back onto the pot (the valve will be open by default) and cook for 1 hour. The eggs will be ready at this point. However, they can be held at the set temperature for 1 additional hour.
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