Dear Customers,

As our valued supporters, we would like to bring to your attention our concerns regarding the sale of unapproved and unauthorized sealing rings that are being marketed as a suitable replacement for your Instant Pot’s original sealing ring.  These rings are being sold on Amazon by certain unauthorized third party vendors, such as “Instant Perrrt!”, “Impresa Products”, “CYLAPEX” and “Noosa Life.”

Instant Pot has not authorized these entities or any other third party to manufacture and/or sell Instant Pot accessories or replacement parts.   We feel it is important to bring this to the attention of our community, as there may be serious safety concerns associated with using an untested sealing ring on Instant Pot products.

Our sealing ring is an integral part of the Instant Pot safety features.  Our rings have been designed, engineered, and built with the optimal material to achieve the hardness and strength required to withstand high-pressure force during electric pressure-cooking. Our rings have passed UL, FDA, and LFGB tests for safety, including food safety.

In contrast, the unapproved and unauthorized rings were not manufactured, tested or certified by or for Instant Pot and we do not know if they meet our established standards.  The use of third party sealing rings may have unexpected effects on your product, and would void the Instant Pot warranty.

In the near future, to better serve our customers, we will be launching colored sealing rings to assist you when preparing different food groups.  In the interim, our rings can be purchased online at Amazon or through the Instant Pot web site:


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and loyalty to the Instant Pot brand.  We look forward to continuing to provide you with the right tools for your active lifestyle.

The Instant Pot Team

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  1. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    So why don’t you sell just the sealing ring?
    From day one, it’s a crap shoot whether or not my lid will seal. I’ve ruined many meals. I’m about to throw it out.
    I check to make sure it is correctly installed. The jigger is cleaned and correctly installed.
    Sometimes it works; most tiems it does not.
    Very frustrating.

    • Instant Pot
      Instant Pot says:

      Hi Wendy,

      If you are experiencing difficulties our Customer Care team would love to troubleshoot what you are experiencing.

      As the blog post states, we do sell replacement sealing rings. All replacement parts on our online store:


  2. Diane Koontz
    Diane Koontz says:

    Hello, the ring on my Instant Pot has a very strong, unpleasant odor that was present from the time it was new 2 mos ago. I thought it would decrease after using and washing but it seems to get stronger. Is this to be expected?

  3. Cody
    Cody says:

    I bought these are they safe or should I toss them? Colorful Silicone Sealing Ring, BPA FREE & 100% Food Safe Silicone – Sweet and Savory Edition – Fits IP 5 Qt or 6 Qt Models – 3 Pack

    • mjun
      mjun says:

      Hi Kathey,
      The sealing ring is made of silicone rubber, which is more durable than rubber. It should be fine for 2~3` years under normal use. If you notice cracks, leaking or deformation of the sealing ring, you should replace it.

  4. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    Would like the Instant pot set of two colored sealing rings but they are out of stock. Any idea when they will be back?

  5. SS
    SS says:

    I’ve been looking on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com for accessories and backup parts for my new IP-Duo60, I was going to get a sealing ring but saw all sorts of terrible reviews of fale parts… so many sellers make it look like they are fully legitimate official resellers of IP parts.
    I ended up going with one that said Instant Pot and was fulfilled by amazon so if it was fake I could return it without issue… the one I got I believe is your legitimate site and it looks almost identical to my OEM sealing ring.

    You may want to pin a post about this on the facebook site or perhaps make it more prominent on this site (perhaps in the FAQ)

    You may also want your official resellers on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com sites to update their listings to note the surprising amount of fakes and site this page http://instantpot.com/?s=sealing+ring&x=15&y=5 I tried adding it in the reviews for the scammers but unfortunately amazon won’t approve them

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    We can’t find the official IP 8qt liners on amazon, I can only find the knock-offs. It would really help if you/they sold the proper 8qt parts on amazon as well.

  7. HelenAdams
    HelenAdams says:

    I will buy the colored ones if they become available whoever is selling them if I need them.

    Get a grip. This is not rocket science as many companies have been manufacturing them and selling them for other cookers, before the first Instant Pot.

    And unlike Instant Pot they do it in a timely manner.

    I am still waiting (since January?) for the announced ceramic insert so don’t hold your breath.

    • Anna
      Anna says:

      Hi Helen,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      The Instant Pot colored sealing rings will be available in early December.

      For the ceramic pot, it is currently in development. We will keep you posted on the launch date.




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