TOP 10Scrumptious Vegetarian Foods You Will LOVE

Discover how easy it is to use your Instant Pot to enjoy more veggies. These recipes are simple, seasonal, and perfect for anyone who is:

  • Wanting to eat veggies more often
  • Looking for a meatless meal recipe
  • Trying to eat less meat
  • Wanting to experiment and have fun with different kinds of meals

These crowd-pleasing recipes will convince the meat lover in your family that vegetarian creations can be satisfying and delicious. These highly-rated vegetarian recipes are just right for this winter season – try one tonight!

Instant pot recipes mushroom risotto

Mushroom Risotto

By: Amanda Rae

Hot and steaming comfort food in the winter months are what most crave (unless you live in Texas!). This creamy dish can be served up as a main or a side dish during the week. This delicious recipe calls for Winter Truffle cheese or any other plant-based cheese of your choice.

Instant pot recipes steamed artichoke I love my instant pot veto

Steamed Artichoke

By: I Love My Instant Pot Keto Diet by Sam Dillard

It takes a bit longer than broccoli, but using the Instant Pot to quickly steam artichokes is the best way to prepare this nutrient packed side dish.

Instant pot recipes three bean chill

Multicooker – Three-Bean Chili

By: Kate Merker

Variety is the spice to life. Use your Instant Pot Multicooker to prepare this simple chili flavored with garlic, chili, cumin, and coriander. It will be an instant hit with the home crowd. Make enough for leftovers, because it’s even better the next day after the flavors have had time to mix.

Instant pot recipes aloo beans

Easy Aloo Beans

By: Meeta Alora

Hot and spicy. These Punjabi-style beans are ready to go in 10 minutes.

Instant pot recipes white and wild rice pilafs

Wild Rice Pilaf

By: The Instant Pot Bible by Bruce Weinstein

Did you know that Wild Rice is actually a grass grain? Cooked under pressure, the shell breaks away leaving a creamy texture. This recipe pressure cooks the wild rice separately and then adds ingredients to preserve texture. Try it and enjoy!

Instant pot recipes superfood smoothies

Superfood Smoothie

By: Amanda Rae

The Ace Blender is the perfect companion when it comes to upping the ante on vegetable intake. This healthy drink is packed with as much flavor as it has nutrients, a great way to enjoy more veggies for breakfast.

Instant pot recipes homemade ricotta

Homemade Ricotta

By: Instant Pot Italian by Ivy Manning

Nothing compares to the creamy goodness of homemade cheese. With the Instant Pot Yogurt setting you can make homemade Ricotta cheese at home. Remember to purchase the best milk possible – that has not been pasteurized at a high temperature. This milk has had the proteins removed so that it will not curdle. Imagine telling your friends that you can make cheese at home! It will be a delightful surprise to your family the next time you make lasagna. (Vegetarian lasagna, of course!)

Instant pot recipes spaghetti squash

Spaghetti Squash

By: Amy Jacky

So simple. Buttery good and brightens up any main. Tip: add butter after using a fork to gently remove the vegetable from its shell.

Instant pot recipes pea and paneer curry

Pea and Paneer Curry

By: Instant Pot Fast and Easy Cookbook by Urvashi Pitre

This is a very traditional, very comforting dish for many who grew up in India. Once you taste it, you’ll see why: the creamy cheese, the tang of the tomatoes and onions in the sauce, the bright green peas that pepper it. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Instant pot recipes perfect pumpkin pie

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

By: Chop Secrets

When it comes to vegetable-based dessert, it just doesn’t get better than pumpkin pie. Who says you can only have it in the fall? With canned pumpkins, you can enjoy this treat any time you have a craving for a taste sensation.

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