TOP 10Ace Blender Tips


Don’t Wing It

The Ace 60 is unique in its category. Unlike other blenders, it has a concealed heating element built into the base of the pitcher. Read the manual carefully and completely, and pay attention to the important safeguards and operation instructions.


Enhance the Ace Blender’s Performance

For cold recipes such as smoothies, add liquid ingredients first, then dry ingredients. Remember to add ice last, as shown here.

Please note that this image is only to be used as a guide for how to stack ingredients in your blender. Liquid levels, as well as other ingredients, will vary by recipe.

Pay close attention to maximum fill lines as indicated in your manual, as well as on your pitcher.


Just A Spoonful of Sugar & Spice

To flavor milk alternatives, such as almond or rice, add vanilla, coconut, cocoa, or cinnamon before serving. Pitted dates, maple syrup, agave, stevia, and honey are other sweet ingredients to add to your beverage.


Creamier Texture – Please!

It’s a good idea to soak nuts and seeds up to 24 hours before blending. The longer the soak, the creamier the texture. To avoid grit in your beverage, ensure that the skins are removed before blending starts, or use a strainer afterwards.


Smooth It Out

Break up chunky food using the Pulse/Clean feature. The pulse action can be used to thicken hearty recipes. Then, add water and use the Blend buttons (Low, Medium, and then High) to achieve the desired texture.


Toasty Flavor

Lightly toasting dry oats before blending gives a more robust flavor to your favorite beverage.


Grind Spices

The Ace’s powerful motor can grind through spices easily. Use freshly ground spices within a month, and be sure to store them in an airtight container for freshness.


Perfect Smooth Soups for a Cold Winter’s Day

When making vegetable soup, aim for a soft texture. Ensure that veggies are cooked through, but not so overcooked that they mush or fall apart.


Wash the Blender by Hand to Extend its Life

Food debris can collect and harden below the blades, which may prevent the blades from spinning freely. This buildup puts a strain on the motor and may shorten the blender’s life. Always clean the blender, pitcher, parts, and accessories by hand after each use. Allow the pitcher to air dry thoroughly before securing the lid, and before placing it on the blender’s base. Do not clean using a dishwasher. Do not use harsh chemicals, scouring pads, or abrasive cleaners.


Repurpose Egg Shells

Keep discarded egg shells in the freezer and use them to clean and sharpen the blender blades. Put the 4 – 5 egg shells in the blender, add 1 – 2 cups of water, and blend for about 1 minute. The blades will be sharp and sparkling clean. Once you’re done, use the mixture to water an indoor plant and give the soil a calcium boost, or pour it in a compost bin.

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    • Instant Pot
      Instant Pot says:

      Hi Lolly,

      The Ace Blender more pulverize than grinds spices.

      Since rock sugar would be hard, it may be best to breakdown to small pieces that wont jam the ace. The Ace can then pulverize he rest.

      Chris Wrinn

    • Instant Pot
      Instant Pot says:

      Hi Donna,

      You would use the manual blend on low and blend to your desired coarseness. It will pulverize more than grind the spices.


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