Instant Pot Company :: Cookware :: Instant Pot® 9-inch Tempered Glass Lid for Electric Pressure Cookers

Instant Pot® 9-inch Tempered Glass Lid for Electric Pressure Cookers

Instant Pot® 9-inch Tempered Glass Lid for Electric Pressure Cookers

Instant Pot® 9-inch Tempered Glass Lid for Electric Pressure Cookers
  • Professional Grade Tempered Glass with a Steam-Release Vent and Stainless Steel Rim
  • Colorless Transparent Glass for Clear Viewing
  • 9-inch (23cm) Which Fits Most Electric Pressure Cooker Inserts, 6Qt/6L or 5Qt/5L Size
  • Fits Instant Pot IP-DUO60/50, IP-LUX60/50, CSG60/50
  • Dishwasher-Safe and Durable
Weight 1.10 lbs
Our price: US$19.95
Market price: US$25.95
Quantity (107 available)   

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Customer feedback

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Russell Royce
    Can we pre order: Instant Pot® 9-inch Tempered Glass Lid for Electric Pressure Cookers
  • Author: John Campbell
    I need to order two Instant Pot® 9-inch Tempered Glass Lids for Electric Pressure Cookers. They are currently 'out of stock'. Can I pre-order two lids?

  • Author: Marjorie D
    I have the same question as Russell and John given that the lids are out of stock. Can we pre-order?

    Or, more importantly, do you intend to restock these? If so, what is your best guess as to availability?
  • Author: don b
    are the 9 inch tempered lids coming back?
  • Author: Cindy
    I have the same question about when the 9-inch Tempered Glass Lids for Electric Pressure Cookers will be back in stock
  • Author: Sally
    I see the questions but no answers. When is this lid going to be available?
  • Author: frank
    Does this lid work with the IP Smart on slow cook mode?
  • Author: Lindsey
    Hello? Answer people's questions...when is this going to be in stock?
  • Author: Monica
    I bought this lid on Amazon $16.95
  • Author: circe
    When will a new order of the instant pot glass lids become available ?
  • Author: top10chef
    It really sucks when you find a product that you enjoy using to the point of telling your friends and family that they need to buy it, only to find out that the company selling that product has lousy customer service. Not responding to our questions is absurd and unforgiveable. I guess I need to quit praising this pressure cooker to everyone. BTW, does anyone know if the lid from another manufacturer will fit the IP-DUO60 (Fagor, Cuisinart, etc.)? Maybe their customer service will respond.
  • Author: Jennifer
    I need the 9-inch Tempered Glass Lids for Electric Pressure Cooker as well, when will this be back in stock? I'm will to pre-order.
  • Author: Christina
    We just opened our brand new model and I want a glass lid already....out of stock?
    C'mon intantpot, do your work....a dozen comments who knows how old. tsk tsk
  • Author: Diane
    This is a review page. To ask the company questions, go to the Contact Us page.
  • Author: Sheila Combs
    Please notify me when glass lid come in
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  • Author: Kathy Colley
    I recently bought your 8 quart version Instant Pot. Does this glass lid fit that model? I already own the Duo60 for which I bought the lid. When will you have it back in stock?
  • Author: Ray Hoke
    To everybody that left a question on here and didn't get a response. This is a review page not a question page. I love my 8qt IP. No I don't work for the company... just read the title.
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  • Author: Penny
    When are the 9" lids going to be available?

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