According to its website, the Instant Pot is “designed by Canadians” and, like Canada, aims to be “Safe, Convenient and Dependable.” Truth. What they don’t tell you is that the Instant Pot is R2D2 if R2D2 could cook perfect risotto in 10 minutes. It beeps and whistles and is a true kitchen pal.

But most importantly, this retro-future cylinder of joy will help you eat better food. I’m more of a dump-a-can-of-tuna-over-spinach person than a simmer-on-low-for-three-hours person, but if I can make osso buco in 45 minutes, I’m pretty likely to do it. For the more patient cooks out there, the Instant Pot does work as a slow cooker too. And did I mention it makes rice perfectly? And yogurt? And that you’re going to lose 20 pounds? But seriously, no more charred rice on the bottom of every single damn pan.

The Instant Pot Will Change Your Life—No Joke


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