Instant Pot® adds to its product line a cooker equipped with a microprocessor and an array of sensors, and being wirelessly connected to cook meals intelligently. This marks the beginning of a smartcooker era.

Ottawa and Las Vegas, January 6, 2013. Double Insight Inc., the creator of the bestselling Instant Pot® electric pressure cooker, and Ace Sensor Inc., the leader in Bluetooth® Smart connected sensors, jointly announced at CES 2014 Las Vegas their patent-pending wireless smartcooker. The Bluetooth® Smart enabled cooker, code name “iPot”, is a programmable electric pressure cooker.

After the “iPot” is paired up with a companion iOS/Android app, users can control the cooker securely from their mobile device and can also view the entire cooking process in graphs.  The “iPot” has a thermal sensor, dual pressure sensors and an electro-magnetic sensor for lid position detection.  With the sensors, the “iPot” can be much more than an electric pressure cooker. The programs in the “iPot” app can make yogurt, GABA rice (germinated brown rice), Onsen Tamago (hot spring egg), sous vide and many more complex multi-step cooking processes.  The most intriguing fact is that any user can program the “iPot” with an intuitive graphic interface, without worrying about the cooker blowing up. After the program is tuned to achieve the intended result, it is saved in a recipe script and can be shared on the internet. Then anybody can reproduce the same dish in their own Instant Pot®iPot”.

“Cookers have been evolving along a similar path of the mobile phones: basic phone, feature phone and now smartphone.” said Dr. Robert Wang, CEO of Double Insight Inc.  “We started with stove-top pots, pans and pressure cookers. Then slow cookers, rice cookers and electric pressure cookers.  We are now in the era of smartcookers which are equipped with microprocessors and an array of sensors, and are wirelessly connected to cook meals and dishes intelligently.”

“The Instant Pot®iPot” is not being connected for the novelty of being connected.  We run out of buttons on the control panel to support the requested functions by our users. Users also want to upgrade the functions after purchase. Moving the control center to a smartphone or tablet is the only way to go. “

Once the limiting factor of a control panel is removed, the “iPot” app can implement complex cooking functions, expand and upgrade those functions at will.  This offers unparalleled simplicity, a huge variety of functions and most importantly a consistent result.

“Being connected to a smartphone/tablet gives the cooker access to more sensors, such as a kitchen scale, and can have a profound impact to consistent cooking result.” said Mr. Randy Zadra, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development of Ace Sensor Inc. “The smartphone/tablet knows your location and can adjust the recipes depending whether you use it in Miami or in the mile-high city Denver. The altitude could make a difference of up to 12 minutes of cooking time.”

The “iPot” is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Midea Group, one of the largest home appliances manufacturers in China. The “iPot” will also be manufactured by Midea. Unlike other connected appliances, the “iPot” is not a concept device.  It will be available for sale in US, Canada and UK in Q4 2014 as part of the Instant Pot® ( line of product.

About Double Insight Inc. (

Double Insight Inc. specializes in designing and marketing smart cooking appliances.  Our bestselling Instant Pot® electric pressure cooker has been designed for the fast-paced, health-oriented and green-conscious life style of the North Americans.

About Ace Sensor Inc. (

Ace Sensor Inc. designs and manufactures smart sensor based products in the rapidly growing Mobile Health and Home Automation markets. We focus on providing useful benefits to the user and making technology transparent and easy to use. Our products target the smartphones, tablets and mobile devices, especially with Bluetooth® Smart connectivity.

Press Contact:

Randy Zadra,,

Robert Wang,,

Instant Pot® is a trademark of Double Insight Inc.


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  1. Laura
    Laura says:

    I am wondering with Bluetooth can you only program and watch the progress when you are within range of the pot, or can you do things like change temperatures while away from the house?

  2. Brendan
    Brendan says:

    I’m also formally requesting a Windows phone app. But can I make a suggestion? It’s a bit of effort to create an iPhone app, and it’s double to go Android. It’s then triple to Windows so I understand why there isn’t one. But this could be avoided going Xamarin which would be one app that works on all three. As a bonus, Windows PC and Mac will work too. Let me know if you need help 😉

  3. Alina
    Alina says:

    Hi ! please let me know when new smart iPOT will be available for sale in the UK. And if that is not happening in the near future, will i be able to use a Northen American version in the UK? Thanks

  4. Helen
    Helen says:

    I would like to be on the mailing list if I am not already.

    Not sure I will buy it if there is not at least an an android app. But probably I will.

    I too would prefer a windows app as would 1/2 your potential market, I am sure.

    Still dollars to doughnuts someone will write one pretty soon upon release.

    Do you think it will be released in Canada before Christmas?

  5. cindy
    cindy says:

    I just purchased the Instant Pot IPDUO60…Love it. Will there be an upgrade software to convert to WiFi? I have an iphone and would love that

    • Instant Pot Staff
      Instant Pot Staff says:

      Our investigation shows that Wifi is harder at initial configuration, whereas Bluetooth is a no brainer. So in the near future, we won’t have wifi in the pot.

      • Stan
        Stan says:

        Old post, but just wanted to suggest that this seems to be a misguided reason for not moving forward with Wi-Fi. Most people have Internet in their homes and therefore at some point have had to configure their Wi-Fi (computer, printer, Apple TV, etc.). Should they happen to be total luddites, that’s ok – they get someone else to help them.

        I’d like to see Wi-Fi for the many reasons people are requesting it – to start the pot on the way home, to check on it remotely if using it in slow-cooker mode, and to be able to control the IP from within the house.

        Many use cases and customer demand to justify it, I’m sure. Please put it on the roadmap! 🙂

    • Instant Pot Staff
      Instant Pot Staff says:

      Hi Linda,

      We won’t know the price until iPot is production ready when all the cost is accounted for. Please stay tuned.

  6. wjbinokc
    wjbinokc says:

    I realize the “iPot” is just being announced and therefore features are subject to change. However, I need to know if it is intended that the recipes on either phones can be duplicated using the control panel. I have a Windows phone. Necessitating the purchase of an iPhone or Android phone (right now) would be a large added expense.

    • Instant Pot Staff
      Instant Pot Staff says:

      Hi there,

      The built-in programs in the control panel cannot be updated in the upcoming Instant Pot Smart. This is planned for future releases.

      Our free app will be available in both iOS and Android. We’ll explore the possibility of supporting Windows Mobile. But this will take a long time.

      • Clint
        Clint says:

        I have a Windows Phone too (because it is awesome) and am definitely interested in the iPot and I would love to see support for it. Obviously if the API was open then some third party could potentially just make the app on your behalf until there is an official one.


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