Instant Pot launched in UK

We are delighted to announce that Instant Pot is now available in the UK. The 220-240v version of IP-LUX with a UK 3 pin plug is now available on our UK website You can order at a discount with free shipping from


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  1. Inger Haugland
    Inger Haugland says:

    Hi. There seems to be no more Uk models available anymore. I would really like to be able to buy the Duo60 (I actually bought that one, but the american model by accident, didn’t even think about it, how could I be so stupid?) It is going to be back in stock, right? I’m so eager to be able to try it, I was going to today and then I realized my mistake. Best regards, Inger.

  2. Mrs G
    Mrs G says:

    Like everyone else that’s commented, I only want to buy the ultra – your replies are a little vague to the above comments.
    Please can you tell me if the ultra is in the pipeline of uk conversion or not – im happy to wait for the ultra model if I know its coming (even if its 6 months or more) BUT if its not an option I would rather know now so I dont waste my time waiting for nothing – kindest regards Mrs G

  3. Carter
    Carter says:

    Interested in 220 V version for use in Sweden…Can plug with European adapter work there?
    Can unit be sent from UK or possibly picked up at Gatwick as I am flying through in January.

  4. Julian
    Julian says:

    Can you suggest ti the management to introduce the 240v version of the IP Ultra and IP mini? Clearly there is a lot of demand for it.

  5. Robert Miller
    Robert Miller says:

    Yeah, we know that they use different power and frequency in the US but you were able to get it to work for one model.

    I would love to buy an Instant Pot but I am not interested in an older model and want to buy the Ultra and it appears that I am not alone. Seems like a business opportunity here.

    If the Ultra becomes available I will buy it straight away.

  6. Les Gerrard
    Les Gerrard says:

    I too am very interested in the new ultra 6l..and now waiting for the release date in the UK.
    do not want the duo..
    only that great looking ultra.
    Please release it soon…les

  7. Alice
    Alice says:

    I want to buy the Instant Pot Ultra when will it be available in the United Kingdom? Will the American One work in the UK?

    • mjun
      mjun says:

      Hi Alice,
      Thank you for your interest in the Instant Pot Ultra, at this time we do not have any information regarding this. The American model has a different voltage and recommended for use only in America.


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