Get more from your veggies with Instant Pot

Vegetables make any meal more interesting, delicious, and satisfying. The Instant Pot and Ace Blender make preparing vegetables easier (and yummier!) than ever, while retaining the precious nutrients that often get lost with other cooking methods. 

Boost your vegetable intake with a few simple tips:

1. Add a Little Spice

From Africa to Asia, great cooks have always known that spice is the secret to flavor.  Match your ingredients with a complementary herb or spice to take your vegetarian dishes from ordinary to extraordinary:

BasilBeets; Broccoli; Carrots; Corn; Green Beans; Potatoes; Spinach; Tomato; Zucchini
Bay leafArtichokes
ChivesBeets; Green Beans; Zucchini
CurryCarrots; Corn; Tomato
DillBeets; Broccoli; Carrots; Green Beans; Spinach; Tomato; Zucchini
GarlicBroccoli; Carrots; Corn; Potatoes; Spinach; Zucchini
GingerBeets; Broccoli; Carrots; Tomato
PaprikaArtichokes; Potatoes; Tomato
ParsleyArtichokes; Tomato
RosemaryBroccoli; Corn; Green Beans; Potatoes
SageBeets; Broccoli; Potatoes
ThymeBeets; Broccoli; Green Beans; Potatoes; Spinach; Zucchini

Don’t be afraid to pair a new spice and experiment with your favorite vegetable. You may find your family’s favorite! 

2. Simplify

With just a few simple tricks and strategies, meal prep can be a breeze:

Stop throwing away spoiled veggies by planning ahead: Meal planning saves you time, money, and effort. Choose simple recipes, organize your grocery list and buy only what is needed. That way you use what you purchase, and nothing turns into a science experiment in your fridge.

Batch cook on Sunday afternoons: Since you’re now going to be planning ahead for the week’s meals, why not also prepare food in advance too? Cooking the main meal or side-dishes in batches will save you effort and time during the busy week ahead. Try batch cooking roasted vegetables to use as a stand-alone side or add to quiche or stir-fried rice – the possibilities are endless.

Choose recipes with 5 ingredients or less: Many delicious meals can be made with just a few ingredients, which means less time preparing and lower grocery bills with fewer ingredients to keep on hand.

3. Keep Staples Handy

Keeping staples in your fridge and pantry helps resist the allure of processed convenience foods and keeps you and your family feeling well.

Fridge Staple Suggestions
Parmesan – it add flavor to almost every dish and it lasts forever!
Block of Cheddar – also lasts a long time and adds richness and flavor

Pantry Staple Suggestions (Items that do not need refrigeration)
Salt and pepper
Onions and garlic
Hot sauce
Quinoa/rice which cooks faster than other whole grains
Lentils (Red or Green) red cooks faster than most other varieties. Green goes well with red-wine vinaigrette for a simple dinner.
Canned tomatoes

4. Enjoy the Entire Vegetable

Appreciate all the flavors and textures your food has to offer by enjoying the entire vegetable, from root to tip.

You can save money and the environment by using the nutrient-filled greens and tips to replace other common items instead of composting them. For example, use carrot tops instead of parsley, or beet greens in place of swiss chard. In salads, peeled broccoli stalks taste great and add some crunch, and radish leaves offer a delightful peppery taste.

Just be careful. Know your veggies before you eat! Rhubarb leaves are dangerous to eat, and peach leaves, like cherry pits and apple seeds, contain trace amounts of toxic cyanide.

Modern cooking strives to strike a balance between quick, easy and healthy.  One Pot cooking is where it’s at! The Instant Pot clears the clutter by replacing a range of appliances from the slow cooker to the rice cooker, the crock pot to the yogurt maker, plus it reduces cooking time and clean up.

Come back on Friday to see our Top Ten veggie recipes for your Instant Pot!

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