Care & Cleaning Sous Vide


Allow to cool before cleaning, and dry thoroughly before storing.

Never clean with harsh chemical detergents, abrasive powders or scouring pads.

Removable Element Cover.  Hand Wash only. Wash after each use in hot water with mild dish soap.  Dry thoroughly before attaching to main body.

Main Body.  Damp Wash only.  Wipe body and display as needed with a soft, barely damp cloth or sponge.

Element.  Damp Wash only.  Wipe as needed with hot water and mild dish soap or vinegar.  Dry thoroughly before replacing removable element cover.

WARNING!  Do not immerse main body in water and do not attempt to cycle through dishwasher.  Do not submerge power cord at any time.  Do not wet prongs of detachable cord.