Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

a full day of Instant Pot recipes

You’ll often hear us saying that the Instant Pot can do it all. This full day of Instant Pot recipes shows it’s true!

We have 10 great dishes for a full day of meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack – all made in your Instant Pot or Instant appliances.


Instant pot recipes Fruity quinoa bowl

Fruity Quinoa & Granola Bowls

By: The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook by Barb Musick

Go a step beyond oatmeal and enjoy a texture fiesta with this warm, crunchy breakfast dish. Starting with a super-healthy quinoa base, you can make this recipe your own by adding whatever yummy additions you want on top.

Instant pot recipes strawberry puree

Ace Blender – Strawberry Puree

By: Instant Brands Collection

Whip up this smooth strawberry puree and add it to any breakfast dish for a morning boost: waffles, oatmeal, pancakes, French toast, or that Fruity Quinoa & Granola bowl you just made.

Instant pot recipes egg and cocotte

Eggs “en Cocotte”

By: The Ultimate Instant Pot CB for Two by Janet Zimmerman

Eggs en cocotte is just a fancy term for eggs steamed in cups. They are often flavored with herbs and topped with cheese or cream; in this recipe, we’ve used mushrooms, cheddar and chives along with heavy cream to dress up the dish.


Instant pot recipes honey garlic chicken wraps

Honey Garlic Chicken Lettuce Wraps

By: Raj & Holley

The lettuce wrap is a fantastic alternative to the classic lunch sandwich. Dripping with homemade honey garlic sauce, these might be the best thing since sliced bread.

Instant pot recipes corn chowder

Mom’s Corn Chowder

By: The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook by Barb Musick

Hearty, delicious, packed with healthy vegetables and 100% Vegan, this is a soup you’ll want to keep on quick-dial.

Instant pot recipes amazing potato salad

Amazing Potato Salad

By: Chop Secrets

Everyone should have a go-to potato salad recipe, maybe this one will become yours. After all, it is amazing!


Instant pot recipes beer can chicken bacon

Beer Can Chicken-Bacon Bowl

By: Chop Secrets

If you’re not into beer in your main course, you can easily substitute chicken stock without sacrificing a dollop of delicious. Just don’t think of leaving out the bacon, that would be a huge mistake. Huge!

Instant pot recipes sweet sirancha glazed acorn squash

Sweet Sriracha-Glazed Acorn Squash

By: 6 Ingredients of Less Cookbook by Ivy Manning

Sweet and a bit spicy, this updated spin on roasted acorn squash and brown sugar pairs well with just about anything.

Instant pot recipes chocolate fudge cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

By: Williams Sonoma Book 2

A little goes a long way with this super simple chocolate cake, which comes together quickly without any fancy baking tools.


Instant pot recipes homemade apple sauce

Homemade Applesauce

By: Chop Secrets

It’s easy to forget sometimes just how easy it is to make your own applesauce, and how good it can be too! This Instant Pot applesauce made it even easier and better.

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