3 Instant Pot meal plans that makes steamed veggies shine

Get the perfect combination of softness and crunch by steaming your veggies in the Instant Pot, then enjoy them in one or more of these delicious meals

How can anyone teach kids how wonderful vegetables can be when all they know are the limp, soggy colorless things dropped on the edge of the plate? We promise that pressure cooking is guaranteed to change your veggie game and make your dinners sing! From carrots to asparagus – and every crunchy option in between – Instant Pot veg will be perfectly soft but still crisp, with bright colors, and all the vitamins and nutrients locked in. Use the Instant Vegetable Medley recipe as the foundation for a variety of meals as this week’s Dinner in an Instant and enjoy 3 Instant Pot meal plans that make steamed veggies shine: Modern Classics, Plant-Based, and Gluten Free!

Instant Vegetable Medley

 By: The Fresh and Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook by Megan Gilmore


The trick to cooking vegetables properly is just enough, not too much. In the Instant Pot, that means cooking for 0 minutes.

It might seem confusing, but it makes sense. While your Instant Pot is coming up to pressure, the veggies are getting steamed just enough. Once it reaches pressure, it’s done! Now, just “quick release” and celebrate your vegetable medley as part of these three delicious meal plans.

Instant Tiptry to follow the “half your plate” rule and have vegetables make up 50% of your meal.

If basmati isn’t your style, you can find all our top tips and tricks for making your favorite kind of rice in our Perfect Rice Guide. These meal plans will great with any rice – it’s your dinner, make it what you want!

Modern Classics

These recipes all bring classic tastes into the modern era by giving them an Instant Pot twist. And they all go great with your steamed veggies.

Instant Pot Recipe

Chicken Cacciatore

By: Instant Flat Belly Cookbook by Patricia Gilroy

Basically braised chicken in a marinara sauce, this easy classic dish is made even easier in the Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Recipe chunky ranch potatoes

Chunky Ranch Potatoes

By: Instant Pot Recipe Collection

The humble potato is another ingredient that gets elevated to something grand when cooked in the Instant Pot. Pressure cooked to perfect, these potatoes are then lightly tossed in ranch dressing and parmesan cheese to create a yummy flavor match to the chicken cacciatore and vegetable medley.

Instant Pot Recipe Lava cake

Chocolate Lava Cake

By: The Instant Pot Bible by Bruce Weinstein

If there’s one thing better than being served a slab of sweet chocolate cake, it’s getting your very own piping hot version with a molten chocolate core.


Switching to a diet that includes more vegetables and plant-based proteins is a smart move. It’s not only good for the planet, it’s good for you too. This meal-plan features recipes that are all compatible with vegetarian, Vegan, and plant-based diets. It lets you feel good about what you eat… at the same time you feel good because of what you eat! Neat trick!

Instant Pot Recipe Instaarti

Artichokes with Lemon Avocado Dip

By: Paleo on the Go

Start your plant-based (and Vegan!) meal off with a tasty appetizer. Never thought of dipping artichokes before? Get ready for a treat. And you can use any leftover lemon avocado dip with your spinach-potato taco!

Instant Pot Recipe Spinach potato tacos

Spinach-Potato Tacos

By: Jill McKeever

The best thing since fish met tacos, these delicious hand-held delicacies let you enjoy Taco Tuesday while sticking to a plant-based diet.

Instant Pot Recipe Strawberry Milkshakes

Dairy-Free Strawberry Milkshake

By: Ace Blender

There are a lot of ways to get milk that don’t involve a cow. The Instant Ace Blender does double duty in this delicious dessert. Make your own delicious nut milk then use it to create a scrumptious dairy-free milkshake. A creamy dream come true.

Gluten Free

We’re going around the world to find these recipes, from Liguria in north-western Italy for the main course, to South America for some grains, and finally to Spain for dessert. All of it’s gluten free and amazing.

Instant Pot Recipe Ligurian Chicken

Ligurian Lemon Chicken

By: HipPressureCooking

You might know Genoa best for its salami, but wait until you bite into this chicken. The flavors and smells of northern Italy will flood your senses, bringing nothing but joy.

Instant Pot Recipe Latin Spiced Quinoa

Latin Spiced Chocolate Quinoa

By: Meals in a Jar by Pamela Ellgen

We love quinoa in all its forms, a true superfood that is super-tasty, and super-good for you. But when you combine it with chocolate and add some spice? Wow. Just…wow.

Instant Pot Recipe Creme brulee

Crème Catalana

By: HipPressureCooking

The subtle citrus tang of orange combined with a hint of cinnamon lend some Spanish flair to crème brulee in this wonderful dessert recipe.

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