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Designing Instant Pot Model IP-LUX60/50

By , January 31, 2012

After a runaway success of our model IP-CSG60/50, we have been looking for design ideas for our new models.  Our source of inspiration came from user feedback.  In general, the vast majority of our customers approves of our design philosophy of “Safe, Convenient and Dependable”.  Instant Pot is about “set and forget” cooking style, leveraging the micro-processor controlled smart cooking programs.

Summarizing the user feedback, we found two areas which need improvement or enhancement.

  1. Convenient and intuitive user interface.
  2. Versatility of cooking capabilities.

We have taken these two points to heart and implemented them in the design of our new model IP-LUX60/50.  This blog covers how the user interface is improved.  I’ll talk about how the versatility is enhanced in my next blog.

We have a confession to make.  The most support calls we received are questions about the flashing dashes and the marquee symbol (for pre-heating) in IP-CSG60/50.  We decided to use plain English on the display to make the status display intuitive. Due to the limitation of the LED display panel, it’s a small challenge to find the right words.

Now in our new model IP-LUX60/50, the followings are used.

InstantPot cooking process flow chart

Another improvement to usability is to allow manual changes to all preset cooking time.  Simply, press and hold “+” or “-” to race the number to your desired cooking time. Note this doesn’t apply to the fully automated “Rice” and “Multigrain” programs.