Summer Electric Pressure Cooking Recipe Contest

By July 4, 2012

two InstantPot IP LUX60 300x238 Summer Electric Pressure Cooking Recipe ContestLet’s start by announcing the winners of our Spring contest:

Congratulations to the winners!  Meanwhile, we’d also like to thank all the participants for sharing.

When Spring departs, Summer creeps over.   Different season brings different fresh produce.  Hopefully these bring inspirations for new recipes. Here again, we start the Summer electric pressure cooking recipe contest.

Our objectives are to encourage recipe sharing and make it fun and practical to cook with electric pressure cookers. Please spread the word!

The rules of the contest.

  1. The recipes must be for electric pressure cooker, published on publicly accessible websites.  If you don’t have a blog or a place to publish, we can put them on recipe section.
  2. Two prizes of Instant Pot IP-LUX60 will be awarded.  Free shipping to continental US (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) and Canada.
  3. The participant needs to give the right to publish one of their recipes on
  4. The winning entries must be original and will be judged by
    • the details of description, a picture helps tremendously.
    • the practicality, and
    • the creativity
  5. The winners will be chosen by Instant Pot staff on Sept. 30, 2012.
  6. Entries are accepted as comment to this post or submission to
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16 Responses to “Summer Electric Pressure Cooking Recipe Contest”

  1. Teresa Graham says:

    I have been away from my pressure cooker for almost two weeks and am suffering withdrawal! I am however telling everyone how much I enjoy it!


  2. Ezraella B. says:

    Instant Pot Chipotle style rice at home:


  3. Teresa Graham says:

    What is evaporated palm sugar…..where do I purchase it, is there a substitute?


    Dana M. Reply:

    Evaporated palm sugar is an in processed sugar. It is evaporated coconut sap and has a low glycemic index of 35. You could substitute regular white sugar.


  4. Teresa B. G. says:

    Irena’s Peasant Cabbage Soup – made easy with electric pressure cooker!


  5. Dana M. says:

    Instant Pot Chicken with Cherries & Pumpkin Seed Wild Rice


  6. Joyce Truscello says:

    I have 4 pressure cookers and what it is consists of is infusion cooking in as much as 1/3 the time of stove/oven cooking. Results are tender,flavorful cheap cuts of meat, for 1, excellant for vegetables as they come out with all the original vitamins and flavor. You can cook corn on the cob in 6 min or less with any flavor infusion. I use chix broth and cheese or butter buds and the corn comes out like you buttered it, tender yet crisp. could not do without my pressure cooker(s). Potatoes for salad can be done in 4 min and more flavorful. love,love,love pressure cooking and so does my family.


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