Instant Pot Company :: Cookware :: Instant Pot Non-Stick Inner Pot (6Qt) - OUT OF STOCK

Instant Pot Non-Stick Inner Pot (6Qt) - OUT OF STOCK

Instant Pot Non-Stick Inner Pot (6Qt) - OUT OF STOCK

Instant Pot Non-Stick Inner Pot (6Qt) - OUT OF STOCK
  • Made from aluminum with non-stick coating
  • Not sticky to food, easy cleaning and dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: 6Qt.
  • Suitable for Instant Pot IP-DUO60, IP-LUX60, IP-CSG60
Weight 1.35 lbs
Our price: US$29.95
Market price: US$39.95
Quantity Out of stock

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Customer feedback

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Anne
    When will you be getting the 6 qt non stick insert for the ip-duo 60 back in stock?
  • Author: Olga
    When the non stick inner pot would be available?
  • Author: Mike
    I don't believe they're ever going to have this nonstick pot available. I've been wait for about 6 months and nothing. I've given up on them.
  • Author: Elvira
    How do I get in the waiting list for the IP non-sttick-60?
  • Author: Tanya
    Did you get any reply when it will be available?
  • Author: CT
    What's the deal - constantly out of stock? Come on, let's go
  • Author: Anne
    Once again, I'm making this inquiry, I was told a new insert was coming out, do you now have an update as to when??
  • Author: Linda A. Epstein
    I've also been waiting for more than 6 months for this to become available - I purchased one when they had them but it arrived damaged and they didn't have a replacement,
  • Author: Anita
    Good to know how they server their customers... no answers from them for any of the folks!!!
    Going for a company which cares about their customers.
  • Author: Dianne Days
    December 7,2015

    I got an instant pot this year for Christmas, a little early. I am really hoping you get more of the non stick inner pots as I had inquired earlier and was told you would be getting them. I guess I missed them and hope you get more. Is there any way you can contact me to let me know if you get more or if you plan to get more? Used my instant pot for the first time today and I think I'm going to like it a lot. Thank you, Dianne
  • Author: Yvette Cobb
    Is there a waiting list for non stick. Don't want to miss once its offered. Really needed!
  • Author: D McBee
    Still waiting on this and the glass lid to become available. We were able to buy a less expensive pressure cooker at Sams Club and use that non stick pot with this cooker but what a pain...
  • Author: MJ
    When is the nonstick pot back in stock? it has been 6 months!
  • Author: DD
    Odd that there's no reply to all these requests for the non stick pot. Sure hope I never need customer service for a performance issue of my Instant Pot.
  • Author: Sheryl

    Instant pot ?? Customer service... Are you there??

    ***cricket sounds in background***
  • Author: Meredith Lockhart
    I can't get any customer service response regarding the non-stick pot out of order issue. For this reason alone I'm not buying an instant pot when it's time to replace my pressure cooker. Unfortunately that will be sooner than it should be because of this very problem. This is absolutely rediculous!

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