2012 Spring Electric Pressure Cooker Recipe Contest

By April 2, 2012

two InstantPot IP LUX60 300x238 2012 Spring Electric Pressure Cooker Recipe Contest In our popular Winter Electric Pressure Cooker Recipe Contest, we realized how much fun it was to interact with our users.  Most importantly, the submitted recipes substantially enhance everybody’s cooking experience.  In the spirit of sharing, we start this Spring Recipe Contest and will award two Instant Pot IP-LUX60 to the winners.

To help everybody visualizing the cooking result of the recipe, please attach pictures of the dish.

The rules of the contest.

  1. The recipes must be for electric pressure cooker, published on publicly accessible websites.  If you don’t have a blog or a place to publish, we can put them on InstantPot.com recipe section.
  2. Two prizes of Instant Pot IP-LUX60 will be awarded.  Free shipping to continental US (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) and Canada.
  3. The participant needs to give the right to publish one of their recipes on InstantPot.com.
  4. The winning entries must be original and will be judged by
    • the details of description,
    • the practicality, and
    • the creativity
  5. The winners will be chosen by Instant Pot staff on June 30, 2012.
  6. Entries are accepted as comment to this post, or submission to http://instantpot.com/recipes/share-your-recipe/

The winners of this contest is announced here and the new Summer recipe contest also starts.

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16 Responses to “2012 Spring Electric Pressure Cooker Recipe Contest”

  1. pat woods says:

    I would like to win this one!


  2. Lily J. says:

    French Lentil Cassoulet with Pancetta and Chicken: http://instantpot.com/french-lentil-cassoulet-with-pancetta-and-chicken/


  3. Douglas W says:

    If my bride would let me in her kitchen I could cook my goose in this pot.


  4. Heather W. says:

    apple pie with cheese melted on top yummy


  5. Dana says:

    Instant Pot Cassoulet with lots of Veggies Adapted from Thomas Keller: http://instantpot.com/instant-pot-cassoulet-with-lots-of-veggies/


  6. Teresa Graham says:

    I have been trying the various Instant Pot recipes and have really enjoyed it! Thank you.


  7. Grace S. says:

    Quick cabbage rolls:
    Wrap a mixture of lean ground beef, onions and calarose rice into individual soften rice. Roll as for cabbage rolls. Place in pressure cooker and cover with tomato juice. Cook until done. YUMMY


  8. Erin OC. says:

    Honey and Thyme-Infused Red Wine Pot Roast: http://instantpot.com/honey-and-thyme-infused-red-wine-pot-roast/


  9. Teresa Graham says:

    Fudgy, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
    I have made cheesecakes for years….some have turned out and some have not. Doing a lot of reading I discovered that the best way to bake a cheesecake is to use a water bath method. This was very time consuming and I just did not want to do it…..it still dropped in the middle etc. When I began experimenting with the electric pressure cooker I realized that the pressure cooker IS a water bath…..perfect. A recipe my daughter and I always used was one that we kind of threw together , having made so many cheesecakes. Traditionally in the oven, this recipe would work, then not…too undercooked, too overcooked…it was good tasting but never came out right. So, we thought, let us try it in the pressure cooker as others have tried their recipes.
    We did it and FIRST TIME out of the pressure cooker it was utter perfection. Here it is: http://instantpot.com/fudgy-chocolate-chip-cheesecake/


  10. Teresa Graham says:

    Whenever we had friends for dinner my father would attempt beef rouladen…a traditional European Recipe. He would do it the regular way with ham, dill pickles, celery etc. Often it was hit and miss for him…sometimes the meat would turn out too tough, he slow cooked it in the oven for a long time. We loved it any which way. When I started to experiment with a pressure cooker I would also make the Rouladen the traditional way. Then I started to improvise and combine and came up with a Beef Rouladen Recipe that my family just loves. I make it in an electric pressure cooker and have not had a failed result yet! We love it. Quick and easy. It takes no time at all and company thinks I slaved all day! Here it is:
    Teresa’s Untraditional Beef Rouladen – Pressure Cooked


  11. NJ says:

    Here is a recipe for a dessert prepared in a pressure cooker… This recipe was published in my blog and you can see the pictures in the blog…



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